Sports Talk at Brandenburg Gate

Sports Talk at Brandenburg Gate

The aim of the round of discussions led by Marcus Höfl and Prof. Dr. Friedbert Pflüger, conducted in small circles at intimate level, is a cross-border and non-ideological dialogue on current political and societal questions relating to sports between clubs, associations, business, politics and sports.

This round of discussions takes place at regular intervals approximately 4 to 6 times annually, revolving around relevant thematic focal points from the world of sports.

At each event, a circle of participants comprising about 30-50 renowned representatives from the sectors of sports, sport-policies, business, associations and clubs, sponsors, science and society are invited to debate with relevant themes.

These “invitation only“ events take place without the media, in an informal atmosphere (“Chatham House rules“). At the outset of each session, three to four selected experts hold ‘Keynotes‘ on each the chosen theme, subsequently a panel discussion is held to provide an open exchange of views and ideas, including statements, questions and debates.

Example of themes and speakers:

Theme: “Opportunities and potential of large-scale events in winter sports” with these speakers.

  • Dagmar Freitag (Chairperson of the Sports Division, German Parliament)
  • Stefan Klos (CEO, ProProjekt)
  • Philipp Radel (CEO, WWP)

Theme: “How to get German football out of its trough” with these speakers:

  • Alfred Draxler (Head columnist, BILD)
  • Martin Kind (CEO, Profisport Hannover 96)
  • Jens Lehmann, MdB (Member of Sports Division, German Parliament)

Theme:  “Does Money Run Sports?” with these speakers:

  • Stephan Mayer, MdB (Federal Minister of Interior, Building and Community)
  • Patrick Femerling (National trainer for the youth male national team / Former national player, German Basketball Association)
  • Valeska Schneider (German professional surfer)
  • Stefan Unterlandstättner (Chairman of the Board, Deutsche Kreditbank AG)

Contact & Inquiry

Please address any and all inquiries about the event, partnerships, sponsorings, contents and participation, to:

Dr. Andreas Bergmann
MHM Majors GmbH
Schwarzseestraße 14
A-6370 Kitzbühel
+43 5356 72226-0

Sports Talk at Brandenburg Gate:

“The sports discussions at Brandenburg Gate have developed into an illustrious round of talks. They enable a high power exchange of important stakeholders in sports in a personal atmosphere at regular intervals.“