MHM develops, designs and markets events. MHM has a wide-ranging network of partners as well as longstanding expertise in managing and organising events in the sports and sports business contexts.

Our services cover the entire spectrum, from the very first concept through the all-encompassing realization to ongoing establishment and evolution of event formats and discussions and network platforms.


Our services and activities include the following:

  • Conceiving and developing new types of events
  • All-encompassing event management and (co-)organisation of events
  • Marketing of events
  • Acquiring partners and sponsors
  • Creative design concepts & graphic services
  • Central invitation, guest and speaker management
  • Scientific researches, thematic organisation & content structuring
  • Moderator and speaker briefings
  • Wide-ranging media work & journalistic / editorial supervision prior to and following and event
  • Content production & distribution
  • International event counsel and mediation